Window cleaning

Yes on every visit we clean glass, frames, sills & doors. Please note – There is always a chance of water and particles of dirt running out from the gap between the window and the sill after the operator has left your property. This doesn’t mean the operator hasn’t cleaned your sills. Over time the dirt trapped between the window and the sill will be washed out.

We use pure filtered & deionised water to clean your windows. This involves the use of a carbon fibre telescopic pole, a soft brush and 100% pure water which we have filtered through a five stage filtration process. We remove the dirt from your windows with a purpose made window cleaning brush then rinse the glass. The pure water is left on the windows to dry naturally without leaving watermarks.

Yes, we can normally clean hard to reach windows safely from the ground. If we can see the window we can normally clean it. If your conservatory or extension is long this might restrict access to certain windows.

We operate a window cleaning “round” so it can be difficult to reschedule a window clean for when you return home from your holiday because we might not be in your area. If you want to “Miss” your clean completely and not be charged just let the office know by completing the form on the customer service page before you leave for your holiday. If you’ve been charged the full price for a front window clean due to ‘locked gates” just book a rear window clean on our customer service page. If you get our “no reply” text reminder whilst you’re on holiday to say we are going to clean your windows the next day there is no need to try and reply to it or contact us. Our customer service office closes at 5.00pm. Just relax and enjoy your break.

Our pure water systems work in all weathers, therefore weather conditions are not an acceptable reason for postponing our services. We offer an all year round regular service. We will clean your property in all weather conditions including rain and very low temperatures. High winds and deep snow do effect our services & schedule.

Window Cleaning 24-hour Rain Guarantee

We clean in light rain, so if your windows become spotted due to rain at any time within 24-hours of your cleaning, we will come back and re-clean the affected areas at no extra charge to you.

We collect payment for regular window cleaning via GoCardless direct debit. If you didn’t set this up when you booked just visit our payments page.

You are required to pay in full within 7 days of the cleaning date. To guarantee this choose to pay by GoCardless direct debit.

If you have no internet access ask the cleaner if you can pay by card on the day.

GoCardless Direct Debit

GoCardless is an online Direct Debit provider with a secure set-up process that allows the customer to pay both easily and safely. We ask all our customers to sign up to achieve a streamlined payment process whereby the amount is automatically debited from the account provided every month.

To set up a GoCardless account, Dearne Exterior Cleaning will provide the customer with a secure link via email. Once clicked, it will bring you to an online webpage where the following details are required:  

  • Your first and last name  
  • Your email address and postcode  
  • Your bank account’s sort code and account number or IBAN  

This process should take no longer than 5 minutes. Upon completion, you should receive an email from GoCardless confirming your successful signup. If anything were to go wrong, you will also be notified. 

GoCardless payments are collected 3 to 5 days after your windows have been cleaned. You will receive an email from GoCardless prior to your payment being taken informing you of the amount due and the date that the payment will be collected. This gives you time to check your windows before payment

All new customers are required to pay for their window cleaning by GoCardless direct debit. GoCardless direct debit is the safest way to pay, no late payment charges apply and you are covered by the direct debit guarantee. Payment is only taken if we have cleaned your windows. Sorry but we don’t accept bank transfers or cash.